Our vision: Renaissance 4.0

We want to take possession of the most revolutionary element of the Renaissance’s: artists, scientist, entrepreneurs and humanists reunited in the same court working together to bring forth solutions for the benefit of the whole community.

Our mission: Contamination

We apply the bold processes of contemporary art to non artistic contexts in order to generate efficient creative interventions that can be evaluated and that answer to the need for innovation of businesses, public bodies and educational bodies.


We are a multidisciplinary team of professionals coming from the field of contemporary art and humanism.


Federico Bomba


Strategic Director

With a Bachelor’s in Philosophy, Federico had to choose between a Master’s in Landscape Architecture and one in Performing Arts. He went with the latter, but continues to believe that there is a deep connection between philosophic thought, architectural gaze, and drama. He began work as a Director in 2006 and in 2010 became President of Sineglossa Creative Ground where he dedicates his time to immagining creative inputs in any and all economic and social sectors with the conviction that culture is the most effective innovation tool available to human beings.




Alessia Tripaldi


Training and Research

A sociologist, screenwriter and writer, she has worked for the production companies Mediavivere, Orisa, Nauta and Red and published a novel and a short story.
A certified trainer from the Marche Region, she has developed several formats on narrative thinking applied to corporate strategies and creative design.
She is the author of the report Vitamin A on the relationship between Art and Business and several articles on Art & Business published, among others, by the Giornale delle Fondazioni, Mondolavoro, Mappe, Collezione da Tiffany.



Anna Caramia


Design and administration

Curiosity and a propensity for research and change led Anna to earn a degree in communications and to later specialize in cultural project management. Following work experiences organizing theatrical companies, she lands at Sineglossa where she finds the right environment in which to experience the combination of culture and social innovation that is able to revitalize the community.



Eleonora Rossi


Graphic Communication

After obtaining a degree in Culture and techniques of costume and fashion in Rimini and a master in Disciplines of performing arts (Bologna), she decided to focus her career on what has always been her great passion by attending the course in graphic communication promoted by the Province of Macerata. Graphic design, photography, events organization: these are the three key words that characterize her field of interest, which constantly lead her to test her self in new projects and training paths in a desire for constant improvement.



Cristiana Rubbio



In 2011 she founds Puntodock- Generators of collective solutions- where competences in service design and the passion for communication are combined. From then on she’s been engaging in communication strategies, in corporate brand development and in planning events and campaigns, also as an educator. Community manager and connector of people by nature, makes of relations her inspiration to generate creative experiences; for this reason she’s the promoter and coordinator of the American format CreativeMornings for the city of Ancona.