Amazon’s Cabinet of Curiosities 

(Algorithmic Enquiry n.1)


Amazon’s Cabinet of Curiosities (Algorithmic Inquiry n.1) is a work of art created during a workshop in which Emilio Vavarella and a group of entrepreneurs addressed the issue of the relationship between human intelligence and artificial intelligence. The artificial intelligence, in this case, was Alexa, the virtual assistant developed by Amazon, which, starting from the question “Can you recommend me a product to make a work of art?”, chose a series of objects through its system of suggestions, until the entire budget was used up.


Human intelligence, on the other hand, was represented by an artist and a group of entrepreneurs, who used their visionary spirit to give new meaning to the set of products selected by Alexa.

The result was a collectively made installation in which an unpredictable sequence of objects chosen by Amazon’s algorithms, acquires an unknown to  machines meaning that is the result of human creativity.

Amazon’s Cabinet of Curiosities investigated the delicate relationship between the skills of humans and machines and stimulated thought on individual and relational skills – the soft skills – necessary for human beings to establish connections between apparently disconnected elements and to project us towards that does not yet exist.

Art and Business, two worlds that have a lot to learn from each other, met at ArtVerona 2019 on the terrain of soft skills to imagine a possible future together.






He combines interdisciplinary research and media experimentation and his works examine the relationship between subjectivity, non-human creativity and technological power. He has exhibited in the most important media art festivals and in international museums and foundations, including: MAXXI – National Museum of the 21st Century Arts; MAMbo – Museum of Modern Art of Bologna; iMAL Center for Digital Cultures and Technology; Museum of Contemporary Art Vojvodina; Villa Manin and Museo Nacional Bellas Artes in Santiago. He is currently a researcher at Harvard University.




Co-founder and head of the Training and Research area for Sineglossa, she is a sociologist, screenwriter and writer. A certified trainer, she is the creator of formats aimed at promoting creative planning and the enhancement of human resources for companies and public bodies.




Alberto Brazzale, Brazzale SpA; Chiara Carletto, Calzedonia SpA; Gianna Comuzzi, Lavagnoli Marmi; Filippo Dall’Amico, LaPrimaPlastics; Michelangelo Fasoli, Durendal Ventures Group; Matteo Gelmetti, Arspixel; Giovanni Guerri, Guglielmo; Silvia Nicodemo, Veronesi Holding; Enrico Pandian, Supermercato24, Checkout, Technologies, FrescoFrigo; Thomas Pandian, Council of the North Verona Basin; Marta Veronesi, Aia SpA; Laura Veronesi, Veronesi Holding SpA.


The project is an appointment art + b = love (?), The first Italian festival dedicated to the innovative power of Art that meets Economy, Science, Society, curated and directed by Federico Bomba, director of Sineglossa , and Cesare Biasini Selvaggi, Exibart editorial director and Secretary-General of the Selina Azzoaglio Foundation.


With the contribution of Cariverona Foundation.


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