Artathon is a format of creative planning thought as an educational experience for participants and businesses: stimulating creativity to produce innovation.


>> Phase 1 – Exploring: the artathoniets meet the business


A meeting between the participants and the client aimed at focusing on the business’ proposed challenge.

The participants are encouraged to act actively in analyzing the issue by formulating to the point questions and context analysis, striving to find the root of the problem that needs to be solved.


>> Phase 2 – Team building using the “Be Your Hero” methodology


The participants are encouraged to think upon their personal competences (soft skills) using the Be Your Hero methodology.

Starting from the skills that each participant has given him-her self, and from the point of view of the hard and soft skills, balanced work teams are created that will compete in the artathon.


>> Phase 3 – Planning using the creative thinking methodology


Each team is lead by a tutor towards structuring a SMART project (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time-constrained).

The participants creativity is stimulated through design thinking and brainstorming techniques, with the purpose of generating pristine and sustainable projects. 


>> Phase 4 – Pitching


Each team is guided in a pitch preparation, a synthetic and appealing presentation of the project.

The pitches are presented to the client that will announce the winning project.

Artathon is a project designed and made in collaboration with Serena Fagnocchi:

Born in Faenza in 1977, PhD in theoretical physics (2005). Researcher in Italy and abroad until 2012, studying black holes’ evaporation, Hawking’s radiation and analogous gravity models. Creator of the project Creativity Farm, in which she combines art and science as a stimulus and inspiration for the development of creativity and critical thinking. Various experiences in planning and communicating events. She has to daughters and teaches vinyasa yoga.

Discover the Artathon realized in 2019 on commission of the Marche Region: video presentations of teams and projects


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