art+b=love(?) festival




The Renaissance was one of the most innovative and fruitful time periods in human history but, today, it seems to have been relegated to a remote antiquity, capable of still fascinating only hordes of tourists searching for the traces of an evanescent past.

We, instead, believe that the Renaissance spirit is alive and well, and we want to avail ourselves of its most revolutionary element: the contamination that takes place among artists, scientists, humanists and politicians who are all gathered at the same court to share and exchange theri visions of the world and, together, build a new one.

Through the equation art+b=love(?), the festival combines art with an ever-changing variable – be it science, the business world, territorial marketing, or formation – to tell a story of the best practices at home and abroad, where apparently distant worlds come together to produce innovative content and possible future opportunities for economic growth. The question mark reminds us of the possibility of failure in our venture which we pursue, nonetheless, “because every wrong attempt discarded is another step forward” (Thomas Edison).


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Ideation and development of Sineglossa

With the support of Selina Azzoaglio Foundation, Marche Region and Minicipality of Ancona

In collaboration with La Mole

Media Partner: Exibart