Artwalks is an app made to promote touristic and cultural itineraries.

The app gives you a real life gaming experience, the purpose is to go hunting for content that is essential for composing a digital postcard.


To the app users, Artwalks offers original content especially created by artists and distinguished by a strong emotional impact.

Artwalks gives customers the opportunity to be immediately promoted by the users themselves as their postcards are shared on their social media networks.


How it works:

  1. LOOK for the point of interest that you see on the map, and start walking
  2. CREATE your postcard by choosing from among the original images and poem created by Artwalks artists; then use a selfie as a “stamp”!
  3. SHARE the postcard in real time with someone you love, or save it on your phone



To find out about the active routes and get more detailed information on the Artwalks packages, visit

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