Be Your Hero


If it’s merely simple to answer the question “what can I do?” referring to ones practical abilities (I can speak three languages, read a music score, programme an application…), it is much rarer to get the chance to reflect upon ones personal abilities: I’m able to empathize with the context I’m in, I’m able to benefit from an entropic stimulus, I’m able to learn from failure…

Yet, personal abilities – the so called soft skills – mark a difference from a professional figure to an other with equal competences and can determine the role that an individual has within a team.




The participants are lead into the universe of Jung’s archetypes to which soft skills are associated (rigour, foreseeing, empathy…) and are encouraged to find and point out their “superpowers”, those individual characteristics that make people unique and special in their job.


Be Your Hero workshops:


The alternative Hero CV: workshop for individuals or students of training courses.

The participants are encouraged to think upon their own soft skills while filling in an alternative Curriculum Vitae, in which the most significant competences and professional experiences are about personal qualities rather than technical abilities.


Build the Team Hero: workshop to build a balanced working team from both the point of view of the hard skills and of the soft skills. The workshop is particularly recommended for businesses that are interested in assessing a newly built team or one in phase of composition; training contexts in which group activities are intended.


Team building Hero: workshop for a work team. The participants are encouraged to reflect on and compare ones own and others soft skills, with the aim of giving value to the role of each member of a work team through a creative, informal and interactive process.

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