Being creative is hard work. 

It means not taking the easy road, but being willing to try new and untested paths that might sometimes appear to be dead ends.

But being creative is also gratifying.

Creativity is the key that opens the gateway to innovation, to re-invention, and to re-inventing oneself.

C.R.E.A. proposes a practical pathway to learning lateral thinking techniques, aimed at “tricking” the left side of the brain and thus, stimulating creativity.




How to come up with ideas: multiplying the points of view, random stimulation, and provocation

How to generate a wave of creativity: from the problem tree to the six colors, brainstorming techniques and practice exercises


Who is it for


Professionals and businesses interested in acquiring a methodology to encourage the production of creative ideas;

Training contexts interested in offering their students a focus on creative thinking.

Length of the course: about 12 hours