Cooking book

Commonly urban areas covered by arches are devolved to people’s strolls.

The arches district of Ancona (Gli Archi) represents a place of passage: from the station to the centre, from the centre to the port, from the port to the station. Yet, crossing the neighbourhood one can perceive the unfixed mood of it.


It is the reverberation of the process of transformation of the identity of Gli Archi, of the contamination between the deep-rooted Ancona legacy of the historic families of the district and the traditions expressed by the new ethnic groups that inhabit it.


Sineglossa, who believes in the innovative power of contamination, has chosen Gli Archi as a place of opportunity to give life to new projects for the city of Ancona, opening the Creative Ground space. The pleasure of writing and illustrating was the first action hosted by Creative Ground, a training course to tell the story of the arches district through the common thread that runs between them: fish. It is the fish that is unloaded every day from the harbour boats and served on the tables of the “arcaroli” (the districts inhabitants) and restaurants, cooked by everyone according to their own customs. Led by the “urban explorers” of the Yukers Association, the course participants, 20 young people including writers and illustrators, went around the neighbourhood to investigate those customs, asking the inhabitants to give them a recipe.


Other mentors – the writers Jonathan Arpetti and Christina Assouad and the illustrators Lisa Gelli and Nicola Alessandrini – accompanied the young artists in the transformation of the recipes into stories and illustrations, of different genres and styles, but united by the desire to return to the readers a piece of Gli Archi .


The Cooking Book was created within Ra.di.Ci. – Tales of the Belly – a project by Sineglossa, in collaboration with the Municipality of Ancona, Yukers, Ratatà, Cescot Macerata, co-financed by the Marche Region, the Department of Youth and the National Civil Service.

Il Cooking Book

Il Progetto