Here and Now is a widespread project that hosted the artist Sonia Andresano in the historic and popular district of the arches (Gli Archi) of Ancona, a residency aimed at implementing a series of actions in dialogue with the community, active partner in drawing a portrait of the place. A relational approach that was the starting point and the initial spark of a path of re-appropriation of the neighbourhood through the fusion of collective memories.


The project was intended to open a metaphorical and even physical passage within the particular architectural structure of the district, transforming the vacant premises and shops, currently uncrossable, into hypothetical practicable trajectories. The result is a video installation that becomes the wish for a mutation of the private and closed local businesses into a public space that can be crossed.


The process was immediately dynamic and open to the possibility that the various phases, from the concept to the implementation, could accommodate fertile contaminations due to the interaction with the neighbourhood and with the owners of the local businesses; a predisposition to the unexpected that opened the project to a multiplicity of hypotheses and changes of course.


In the final exhibition, presented within the 2019 edition of art + b = love (?) Festival, Sonia Andresano’s artistic research was linked to the experience of the places. Videos and images told the two souls of the district: the one linked to the sea and the port and the one linked to the local businesses along the front of Gli Archi.