Datapoiesis is a neologism coined by the artistic duo AOS, formed by Salvatore Iaconesi and Oriana Persico, which describes the phenomenon whereby data collection and Artificial Intelligence make it possible to create objects and experiences that help human beings and their societies to perceive and comprehend the complex phenomena of our globalized world and to use these understandings to promote positive change.



OBIETTIVO is the first Datapoietic object created and unveiled for the very first time at art+b=love(?) Festival which took place in Ancona on May 2019. The artwork was acquired by the permanent Farnesina Collection and exhibited at ContemporaryArt Torino Piemonte, Quinto Ampliamento – Ivrea, Artcity – Bologna.


“OBIETTIVO is a lighting system for public space, which collects enormous amounts of data from reliable sources (UN, OECD, World Bank, World Poverty Clock) about the number of people in the world living in conditions of extreme poverty. Through the AI these data are interpreted and rendered in the form of light to animate the installation. The red light emitted by OBIETTIVO is an alarm, which keeps us awake. It will never stop shining until the number of people living in conditions of extreme poverty will fall below a certain threshold. Only then OBIETTIVO will switch off, allowing us to rest” [ Salvatore Iaconesi interviewed by Federico Bomba, Exibart n.106 extract | ITA]


The project has entered a crucial stage in recent time with The Fall School which have taken place from November 25th to 30th in Ivrea (Torino, Italy), at “Fabbriche ex Olivetti“.  An international group of researchers, designers, artists, students and professionals have worked together to collaboratively shape the first start-up entirely dedicated to the phenomenon of DATAPOIESIS, and its first design line and add-on services.


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Datapoiesis is a project realized with the support of Compagnia di San Paolo through its Bando ORA! Produzioni di Cultura Contemporanea


Project partners:


Sineglossa, HER, Plus Value ltd, ICONA srl

The Fall School in Ivrea is part of “art+b= love(?) On Tour“


OBIETTIVO exhibition at ContemporaryArt Torino Piemonte – pics