Ecce Business


Ecce Business is an intervention that, through the encounter between business and art, affects two vital areas for the productivity of a company: product storytelling and corporate culture.


If the ability of artists to affect the external communication of a company is now established, the relationship between art and corporate culture seems less obvious: what can an artist do to implement the universe of values of a company?

The answer lies in the process that leads to the creation of an art work. An artist takes his/her cue from a universal concept – love, war, memory… – and by filtering it through his/her very personal vision transforms it into a unique and innovative product.

The same process applied to a business, stimulates employees to embrace the values representing the corporate culture, fostering internal communication and a sense of belonging.


Ecce Business is a unique intervention: based on the characteristics of the company, Sineglossa identifies an artist and / or an artistic context, creating original and exclusive art works made ad hoc.


Ecce Luciana: the story of how Luciana Mosconi’s pasta has become a work of art


“The expectations have not been met. We went beyond expectations “. These are the words of Marcello Pennazzi, CEO of the pasta factory Luciana Mosconi – a pasta factory from the Marche Region first for importance in Italy in the field of dry egg pasta and second absolute brand in the market – commenting Ecce Luciana.

Luciana Mosconi’s corporate culture is represented by three values ​​that identify the qualities of both the pasta and the company itself:

Rough, in the sense of coarse, but also authentic and unsophisticated;

Tenacious, in the sense of resistant, but also resilient and fighting;

Marchigiana (coming from the Marche Region) ie coarse and tenacious, but also representative of a territory that keeps its feet rooted in tradition with an eye turned towards innovation.


It is precisely from Luciana Mosconi’s universe of values ​​that Sineglossa has modeled the intervention on the characteristics of the company and selected the artist who could best interpret them: Annaclara Di Biase, visual artist from the Marche Region.

The meeting between the artist and the company represented the first phase of the intervention: Annaclara and the representatives of Sineglossa were welcomed in Luciana Moscosi’s headquarters and the Ecce Luciana team was shown the phases of the production process that from the raw material leads to the final packaging of the pasta.

The second phase of the intervention was hosted in a prestigious artistic context: the contemporary sculpture exhibition Ecce Homo, at La Mole in Ancona. Luciana Mosconi’s employees and collaborators were involved in a workshop on corporate culture: divided into teams, the participants were asked to identify the sculptures that best represented the words Rough, Tenacious and Marchigiana (from the Marche Region)


According to the perception of Marcello Pennazzi, the workshop was first and foremost “a moment of strong aggregation“: “Realizing a project that makes everyone happy to participate is never trivial, and at the same time it rarely happens to team up through initiatives that are not closely linked to work“.


The playful and interactive approach also stimulated the participants to rely on their intuition and creativity, elaborating a personal point of view on the company values: “My collaborators have experienced the product in a different way because they have been stimulated to breath it in a different way from how they live it every day“.


Starting from the visual stimuli gained during the visit to the company and from the narrations produced by the workshop participants, Annaclara Di Biase created six installations – accompanied by dedicated critical texts – of which the raw material consists of the very own company product: pasta.


The works were installed inside the Ecce Homo exhibition, in dialogue with the sculptures on display, and presented to the public and to Luciana Mosconi’s stakeholders during a vernissage hosted by art + b = love festival (?), hence telling about the company as much to those directly concerned as to citizens: “Communicating a mass market product is a complex operation, and finding a channel that differentiates you significantly is a major plus. What convinced me to make this project happen is that it was an initiative for my city “.


An encounter between Art and Business that has hence produced the desired results: why?


From Art’s point of view, because the artist has interpreted the intervention as a research context. “If we had met a more miserly artist, the project would not have succeeded“, underlines Pennazzi. “Annaclara has lived and metabolized our product, giving a personal reading of a history and narration that are real“.


From the company’s point of view, because the company has relied on the team, without claiming to control a creative process: “People have to be left free to work. I wanted to be amazed and I have been“.


Watch “Ecce Luciana” video