Ecce Luciana – Pasta becomes a Work of Art

Ecce Luciana is a project initiated by Sineglossa Creative Ground, in collaboration with the artist Annaclara di Biase for the leading producer of egg pasta Luciana Mosconi.

The aim of the project was to “aesthetically reproduce the sensorial qualities of the products”, turning pasta into a work of contemporary art, starting with an investigation about the factory’s value system; namely their three special words of value: ruvida, tenace, marchigiana, meaning: rough, tough/lasting and marchigiana (originated from the region of Marche).

When looking at their value system more closely the three words have deeper meaning referring to pasta:

Rough, on the sense of coarse, also means unrefined and authentic;
Tough is hard, but also determined and resilient;
The region Marche itself is rough and tough, but also represents the believes in tradition while reaching out for innovation.

To kick off the project with the artist and the business, Annaclara Di Biase firstly leaded a workshop inside the contemporary art exhibition Ecce Homo involving Luciana Mosconi’s employees.

In order to understand how the characteristics of pasta can be similar to the qualities of a piece of art, the employees had to pair each one of the three key words (rough, tough and marchigiana) with one of the sculptures inside exhibition Ecce Homo.

Annaclara Di Biase then used the descriptions of the employees to write six critical texts. On the bases of these descriptions, she created new pieces of art. The texts, along with the new art and the existing sculptures of the original exhibition became new explanations of the values expressed in the art of Annaclara.

Six parts of the site-specific installation of Annaclara called “Ecce Luciana”, which were added to Ecce HomoTerrena, AltareParalleleInnestoForest and Costellazione; each one of them was dedicated to one peculiar characteristic of the Luciana Mosconi’s value system.

Ecce Luciana – gallery

(photos by Giacomo Mancini)

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