Feelms for creativity

“FeeLMS for Creativity” is an educational path for the development of the creative competences of the youngest employees of cultural businesses.

30 participants of different nationalities participated in a 7 days residency conducted by 5 important cultural organizers, with the aim of acquiring tools to transform cultural businesses in entities with social-economical enrichment objectives, of starting carrier opportunity, opening new job prospects and ensuring the sustainability of artistic and cultural activities.

The participants applied the methodologies learned during the residency in their contexts and created pristine and heterogeneous projects: from subaqueous circus to board games reinforcing internal communication through storytelling.

The projects developed by the creative businesses involved in this path have been presented during art+b festival


“FeeLMS for creativity” is a project in partnership with Association Cinema City (Novi Sad – Serbia), Udruga Domino (Zagreb – Croatia), Pro Progressione(Budapest – Hungary) e Kulturanova Association (Novi Sad – Serbia);

and is co-funded by Erasmus + of the European Community