A brand is not just a name: it is the vision that allows the creation of products and services that go under that name. If market positioning or communication strategies can vary over time, brand identity represents the timeless essence of a trade name, that set of characteristics and values that give an image, a purpose and a meaning to the company. HERO is a method of analysis and construction of the brand identity following the brand-as-person technique: a screenwriter and a graphic designer use the cinematographic structure of the “hero’s journey” to turn the company into the protagonist of a film. Every film has a protagonist, a hero or heroine embarking on an adventure to reach an extraordinary goal:  in the course of the journey he/she encounters enemies and obstacles, but he/she can always count on his/her inner strength and expertise to achieve his/her goal…


>> Results

Communication: the image

Identification of the characterizing elements of the brand, in order to project on the outside a recognizable image of emotional impact.


>> Strategy: the purpose

Identification of the brand’s mission and vision, in order to build the company’s core identity, i.e. the goal to be pursued.


>> Team building: the meaning

Team’s alignment with the universe of values represented by the brand, in order to involve and motivate the working group.


>> Output

Starting from the information gathered during the workshop, the company’s “Bible” is developed, i.e. a report of development and a guide on the brand’s identity.


Duration: 2 meetings (4 hours each) + final meeting

Participants: 6 to 12 participants