Invisible Senigallia

Invisible Senigallia


What are the invisible layers of a city?

This is the question to which the students of classes 2A and 2C of the Lyceum Mercantini of Senigallia, have given an answer.


Writing, poetry and images to tell that that is invisible of the path along the historical walls of Senigallia. Hidden to the eye because erased by time or because existing only in the imagination of the younger members of the community.


The guide Invisible Senigallia is available at IAT in Senigallia (via dei Macelli, 7).


The guide must be used in combination with Artwalks, the app to discover cities in a playful and interactive way.

Download the app for free and select the path Senigallia Invisibile : wish you a good journey!



The Senigallia Invisibile project has been possible thanks to the support of the Cariverona Fundation.

The training was conducted by Alessia Tripaldi of Sineglossa and the artist Giacomo Giovannetti, creator of the brand Upupa & Colibrì, and the photographer Andrea Simonetti

Partners of the project: Mario Giacomelli School Department, Lapsus Diversa Creatività

Art for training, Artwalks