Yes! – I look for a job. I imagine it. I find it, is an interstice agency that from 2013 until 2016 has enliven the spaces of the historical building Palazzo Santoni (Jesi), generating a turnout of about 250 people a month, an online mapping of about 500 artists and the birth of about 20 project of cultural business.

In antithesis to the obsolete idea of the temporary agency, the interstice agency experiments a new approach to the job market.

 About the interstice because it has an active role in interfacing with the territory, finding the social, economical and urban gaps of the city.

About the interstice because bridges the gap between creativity and work, giving the younger generations tools to fill in the void with proposals, imagining a job instead of adapting to the needs already present in the market.

About the interstice because aims at shortening the distance between artists, crafters, technicians and entrepreneurs, stimulating the creation of heterogeneous, multidisciplinary and gender fair teams.


Yes! activities




An online database of professionals of the Marche Region operating in cultural fields, “mapped” by filling in a public profile that comprehends a presentation, a portfolio, professional experiences and contacts.




Theoretical and practical workshops dedicated to the experimentation of alternative production and research models, divided thematically into Craftsmanship, New Technologies, Thinking.




A free tutoring service, aimed at facilitating the birth of new sustainable cultural businesses through a focusing and sustainability assessment process of the idea


Yes! Days


A series of mini-festivals of one day that investigate various themes (from Giving a second life to spaces to Art meeting business) through conferences, interactive meetings and art installations. 


Yes! T


Informal and intimate gatherings around a cup of tea, to present good local and national practices themed contamination.




Exhibitions dedicated to the ability of art to “trespass”, through the meeting of the artistic project and the economical and social structure.




Creative Ground Contest: the first contest of the Marche Region dedicated to cultural and creative businesses.

Here: artists and creators are called to rethink the concept of historical-touristic signage of Jesi in the light of public art.


Thematic Library


A library open to the public with selected texts that deepen the agency’s themes.


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