What would Gropius do a century later? Network conversations on the New European Bauhaus


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“What would Gropius do a century later? Network conversations on the New European Bauhaus


Conexiones improbables, as official partner of the New European Bauhaus, launched a series of meetings that seek to analyse, from different thematic areas, the role played by the arts, culture, creativity and thought in the processes of transformation and innovation of organisations and territories, as well as creating a network of dialogue and reflection on the contribution of transdisciplinarity, hybridisation and cross-fertilisation between sectors and knowledge in developing Europe’s future.


A total of nine conversations will take place in three stages between May and June, with the participation of 70 international agents and organisations to address the following seven areas: A future for all places and territorial cohesion; Digitalisation, governance and citizenship; Sustainable and inclusive city; Smart industry and services; Education and human development for sustainability; Culture, creativity and innovation; and Bioeconomy, food and health.

The final result of this process will be the creation of a common repository with the recordings of the various meetings and the preparation of a document with recommendations and reflections that will be submitted to the European Union.


Partner organisations

We have the participation of the following organisations for this series and they will lead the discussion in each of the areas:



Culture, creativity and innovation

LEADING ORGANISATION: Materahub & Sineglossa

Carlo Ferretti. Research and Innovation Officer at Consorzio Materahub.

Federico Bomba. Co-founder and art director at Sineglossa.


Art as Re-generation places between two paths of conversation, which are Spatial Regeneration and Human Regeneration. The first is focused on the way art supports the processes of urban and natural transformation, as well as new models of relationship among humanity and its environments. The second one proposes methods and strategic approaches artists have adopted to tackle societal issues. Both paths of conversations will be addressed in terms of Hacking which means proposing art as imaginative experimentation and alternative way of thinking, putting ethical consideration at the centre of innovation.



1. Barna Petrany. Managing Director at Pro Progressione.

2. Javier Figueroa. Cultural technician in Puerto de la Cruz City Council.

3. Lorenzo Gerbi. Curator and Baltan Studio Manager.

4. Marcel Bückner. Engineer and media artist at Xenorama.


To watch the Conversation: https://youtu.be/iR7lbO89Dok

To read the final document: https://conexionesimprobables.es/v2/New-European-Bauhaus-Conexiones-improbables–Cycle-of-Conversations-eng