Outdoor is a site-specific project designed to bring Jesi’s Museum of Printing Arts (Studio per le Arti della Stampa) outside of the museum walls and present it to the community in a new light, through creative language and contemporary codes of interpretation. 

During a three-day micro-residency in the museum,video artist Jamaica De Marco and sound artist Giorgia Angiuli recorded and animated the antique typography machines.

At the end of the soundscape, the artists performed in a live audio-video for over 500 spectators gathered in the historic center of Jesi.


Le artiste


>> Giorgia Angiuli 

Producer and atmosphere-maker, Angiuli has produced three record albums and created audio content for various companies. She has performed in numerous international clubs and in some of Europe’s most renowned festivals.


>> Jamaica De Marco

Director, video editor, and photographer, De Marco has worked in the cinema and directed several video clips. She has worked in artistic research and has shown her work in many exhibitions. She collaborated with Nazca Vision Communication as an editor of anthropology documentaries.