School of Visions of the Contemporary


The School of Visions of the Contemporary is a multidisciplinary course led by young artists who work with the languages of the contemporary; it is a school of thought and actions where the students delve into and explore a variety of artistic disciplines through lessons based on both theory and practice and culminating in a final project of original work.

The purpose and objective of this School is not merely to train artists but to develop creative competencies that can be transferred to the world of work/study.

At the same time, it aims to foster the ability to listen to one’s own tempo, creating an opportunity for critical reflection on the role every individual plays within the communities to which s/he belongs.


Each edition of the School of Visions of the Contemporary focuses on a pivotal theme which flows through the teaching moments and the performances and exhibitions that are produced by the students and presented to the public in Ambushes, art where (and as) you’ve never seen it.

The Ambushes events are artistic installations inserted in non artistic context and locations that need to be salvaged and given new value, like unused markets and dormitory suburbs, or in the invisible spaces assigned for art, for example theatre’s “backstages”.


Trainers and teachings

Federico Bomba, artistic planning

Sabrina Maggiori, pubblic art

Alessia Tripaldi, creative thinking and dramaturgy

Simone Alessandrini, custom design

WishotLab, photography

Alessio Ballerini, soundscape

Andrea Fazzini, theatre and performance

Luca Luzi, photography

Stefano Sasso, soundscape