SCA- Senigallia Città Aperta (Senigallia Open City)


Some places are especially important because they embody a certain part of history, a certain function, because of the time they where build or the architect that designed them.

Other places are important because they trigger an emotion, bring up a long gone memory, stimulate the desire for a new experience.


This has been the key to interpretation with which the participants of the educational path SCA – Senigallia Città Aperta – have investigated the city: each choosing a place to tell not for its historical importance but for the emotional experience that the place suggested.

The workshop has been articulated in three modules: Writing, Visual Design and Poetry.


The artworks produced by the participants- stories narrated by an unusual point of view, haiku poems, images of visionary monuments that overlap with reality- are collected in the guide Senigallia Città Aperta and is available at IAT in Senigallia (via dei Macelli, 7).


The guide must be used in combination with Artwalks, the app to discover cities in a playful and interactive way.

Download the app for free and select the path Senigallia Città Aperta: wish you a good journey!


The SCA project has been possible thanks to the support of the Marche Region and the Youth Department and National Civil Service.

The training was conducted by Alessia Tripaldi of Sineglossa and the artist Giacomo Giovannetti, creator of the brand Upupa & Colibrì

Partners of the project: Council of Senigallia, CNA Ancona, Lapsus Diversa Creatività, Spazio Autogestito Arvultura, Liceo Artistico Apolloni di Fano

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