YES! DAY came into being as part of the YES! “I’m looking for a job. I imagine it. I find it” project, as a micro-festival, a one-day event designed to bring together the community and the social, economic, and associative elements of the social fabric on the following specific themes:


Cultural containers

Active reflection on the city 

Re-claiming the spaces

Cultural and creative enterprises

Places of the contemporary

Formation – Territory – Creative professional figures


Each event provides moments for theoretical exploration at designated “thinking tables”, and an artistic animation of the town’s cultural containers performed using contemporary creative languages.

YES! DAY hosted:

Fabermeeting, TorinoCrowdfunding, ISTAO, BAM! Strategie Culturali, PuntoDock, Simone Alessandrini, Alberto Postacchini, Sheila Rocchegiani, Fondazione Pergolesi Spontini, WishotLab, Liceo Artistico E. Mannucci, Hotviruz, Circolo Culturale Reasonanz, Bloody Sound Factory, Giorgia Angiuli, Jamaica de Marco, IOIOI, Synusonde, Manifesto2020, Faltwerksalon, Danila Marasca, Tonidigrigio, Schroeders, GIVDA, Chris Rocchegiani, Luca Poncetta, Lisa Gelli, Tip Toe, Mario Sasso, Von Tesla, FATTELO!, ALTO FEST, HE/DE, LaMuuf, Orange Fiber, Rewalk Europe, Sonic Paintings, 70fps + ASpirale, Lili Refrain, Lorenzo Mori, Nicola Alessandrini, Lorenzo Bartolucci, Fidia Falaschetti, Andrea Silicati, Giovanni Possanzini, Giacomo Giovannetti, REmarcheBLE, Manuel Volpe Sextet + Stefano Giorgi, Design for Craft, 3D HUBS, Duo Alma, Massimo Ottoni/ Nicola Casetta/ Federico Ortica, STÈV.